FFA State Rodeo Finals July 2017

Riley and Reagan Krause and Katie Grubbs represented Liberty Hill High School in this year’s FFA State Finals Rodeo in Barrel Racing.  These kids worked hard all year to get to this point. 

Riley Krause rode Wild Son of Two Eyed (AKA Bourbon) and came in 18th out of over 60 Riders.

Reagan Krause rode Red Tail Lady Hawk (AKA Lady) and had a nice run the first day and her 2nd run the stirrup broke.

Katie Grubbs rode Cowboys Miss N 667 (AKA Ginger) and had a great run the first day and hit one the 2nd day.

This was all of the girls first School Rodeo and overall these kids did AWESOME.  I am SOOO proud of each one of them.

We look forward to next year!

Elite Summer Sizzle Youth Race 2017

We had an awesome time at Elite this year.  The kids did AMAZING and we had an AMAZING time hanging out with each other and other friends that were at the race!

Janie Turner and her horse Cricket did AWESOME for their first BIG race.  Janie ran her personal best!  Way to go Janie and Cricket!

Katy Ann Turner and her new horse CoCo did AWESOME as well.  KA broke her foot earlier this year and she has not been riding/practicing for a LONG time so this was her first big race back and her and CoCo rocked it and also beat their personal record! Nice job you two.  

Can’t wait to see these “Littles” run FASTER next year!

Ava Malone had a last minute horse change due to Bourbon getting sidelined due to colic. Not the most ideal situation to be in when you have practiced on a particular horse and have to change last minute.  If anyone can do it and do it WELL its Ava. She hopped on Tequila Rose and had an outstanding first go.  Her second run out Tequila tripped at first and Ava lost her reins and could not get them in time to finish the pattern.  This knocked them out of the finals L but there is always next year. 

Reagan Krause and Lady had a PHENOMENAL week.  Reagans main horses Guinness was out due to an injury so 2 weeks before Elite and State, she had to learn how to ride an entirely different style horse.  She spent many extra days and nights at the barn to get to know Lady and it PAID OFF.  This team came home with a HUGE WIN.  Reagan won the Youth 5d at Elite. She came back with a $5000 college scholarship, a brand new Martin Saddle (worth over $2500) and a bunch of other swag, not to mention the payout for winning at finals was over $800.  NICE job Reagan and Lady.  Windy Hill Ranch is SUPER proud of you guys!

Riley Krause and Skyes the Limit had some nice outings as well at Elite.  Skye was Riley’s backup horse because Bourbon was out ill.  Again, not something anyone wants to plan for, but at least she had another horse to ride at the last minute.  HUGE THANK YOU to Dirk and Chris Miller for bringing Skye up to Waco for us. We SO appreciate the love everyone has for one another.  They did not have much time to practice but her and Skye had their fastest run together but tipped a barrel.

EVERYONE had a BLAST and we already have plans for next year.

Thank you to EVERYONE who helps make Windy Hill and their riders successful.