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Amy Calhoun

Hi I’m Amy Calhoun, I grew up in Southern California where I have been riding since I was 2 years old. I showed Western Pleasure horses on the Quarter Horse and Paint Horse circuit with my big sister who was a Horse Trainer for the stars. World, Congress and State horse shows. I loved them all and could never get enough of it and still cant even at my old age. I would be at the barn from the time I got out of school to the time I walked in the door and went straight to bed.

When I was 10, my father transferred jobs and we moved to the East Coast. CULTURE SHOCK! I realized rather quickly that the East Coast was mainly English riding so I quickly learned to ride and show Hunter Jumpers. I always liked the excitement of jumping and coupled with my energy, it was a good fit plus I was pretty good at it which is always a plus. Then when I was almost 18, we were on the move again, this time to Texas . My love of horses always followed closely behind and I began showing and training again both English and Western. Between starting a family and raising 5 kids I gave lessons, trained and showed. It is in my blood.

My goal as a trainer and instructor is to help inspire people to overcome fears, realize passions and achieve goals. Riding horses is not just about getting on their backs and going fast, it’s about a relationship. I help kids and adults build bonds with their horse and continue to challenge them each time they come to my barn. The first thing I ask, when I have a prospective client is, what is your short term goal, long-term goal and what is your stretch goal? By giving me your goals, it helps me to help YOU achieve them.

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Jenny Dozier

Hi! My name is Jenny Dozier, a born Texan who has always had a love for horses. At the age of 7, I began riding and training in western pleasure, but at 9 my love for speed took over and I began competitively barrel racing. It has had its hold on me ever since! My work in school and years in soccer have helped my dedication with riding, pushing me to become the best racer I can be and always driving me to continue to learn and grow. From school, to soccer, to horses, and studying, then finally back home, my years with horses has turned me into a well-managed, mature, hard-working young adult who is always on her toes. My hope is to reach out and teach others the craftsmanship of riding, how to become a competitor, to have fun, and to create a bond between horse and human that lasts a lifetime. Come in with aspirations for your riding, so that we may help you become the best competitor you can be!

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